We have our own industry recognized specialized flooring product under the brand name 'Hicolite' which is available in two forms:

(i) Hicolite Base Underlay &
(ii) Hicolote Top Coat

SHIP building

We can handle Shipbuilding record traffic by 05 ships under new construction activities throughout the year at each major branch. On theperformance and efficiency front, we improved on all parameters like Quality control and management.

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1. Thermal Resistance /Acoustical Absorption
3. Fire resistance / Lightness
4. Environmentally friendly / Easy Installation

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We excel at hot & cold insulation work that is required for Turbines, Pressure Vessels (BOILERS REFRACTORY WORK) Piping, Tanks, Cold Storage, Exhaust Manifold, and Refrigerated Compartments. In addition, we offer specialized industrial services ranging from flooring to water proofing to acoustic treatment. Fire proofing to corrosion protection treatment, Deck Covering, under-laying, PVC Tiles, Structural Thermal Insulation, Wooden Battens & Cold Room Insulation, Carpentry & Canvassing jobs & FRP jobs.

We have our own industry recognized specialized flooring Services under the brand name 'Hicolite' which is available in two forms:
(i) Hicolite Base Underlay &
(ii) Hicolote Top Coat

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ROCK-wool MATtress

Rockwool Mattress is used for both hot and cold insulation to conserve energy, maintain process temperature, provide personnel protection.


Glass wool is a synthetic mineral fiber that is made of long glass wool bounded with thermosetting resin has found its way into domestic.


The Floating Floor Insulation is designed for universal applications on ships and offshore installations. It consists of a specially developed Rockwool insulation material.


Panelling is a wall covering constructed from rigid or semi-rigid components. These are traditionally interlocking wood, but could be plastic or other materials.


Increasingly sophisticated technology has meant that shipping and shipbuilding industries are receiving more and more exacting demands from ship-owners.


Fibre-reinforced plastic is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. The fibres are usually glass, carbon, basalt or aramid.

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Thus, the shipping and industry have a major role to play in this scenario and we being part of these have a task to bring innovation and ideas in the supplies we make and services we provide.


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